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Anthony J. Smith, DVM
Hercules, CA  94547
Rainbow Bridge Vet Services provides compassionate, in home euthanasia services for caring pet owners in
the San Francisco Bay Area. We recognize that for most people, the end of a loved animal companion's life is
one of the most difficult and heart-breaking experiences of their lives. We try to make this experience less
painful by offering end of life care in the home, where you and your pet will feel more comfortable.
If the need for euthanasia is near, an appointment can be set for us to assist you in providing a peaceful
death for your animal in your home (or other suitable location). We will discuss options for disposition, (the
care of the body after death) and answer any questions that you might have. If the time of death is not
imminent, we may suggest help with hospice, palliative care, or pain management and make appropriate
referrals to others who can help.

What We Do
We provide only end of life care services for pets. We were one of the very first, and are still one of only a few
veterinary practices in the world dedicated solely to this area of veterinary care. Although we are
not a
crematory, when providing in home euthanasia services for your pet, we can also work with our partner,
at Peace in San Ramon, to help arrange cremation services.

Areas Served
We provide regular service to clients in the San Francisco East Bay Area (Click here for detailed cities listing).
Service to other Bay Area Communities (Napa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Solano Counties) may
be available on a limited basis, with additional charges for travel. Please call or e-mail for more information.
For clients living outside of these areas,
telephone consultations are available, or we may be able to refer
you to another colleague in your area.

While we do not provide emergency services, we do have appointments available during the day, as well as
limited evening, and Saturday daytime appointments. Ideally, you should call or e-mail at least 1-2 days prior
to needing our services. However, if your pet is in need of immediate care, we will make every effort to
accommodate your needs as quickly as possible. Please fill out a new client information form by clicking on
the link below (there is no obligation), or call  us for more information.

A Note About Timing
Almost everyone (including us) struggles with trying to find the right time to choose euthanasia. Rest assured
that there is no "perfect" time to say goodbye to our beloved friends. We always want to have just one more
day, and there can be tremendous guilt associated with making this very difficult decision.
In most cases, though, it is best
not to wait until the last minute to schedule an appointment. This may result
in putting your pet through unnecessary discomfort, and you having to scramble in a crisis to try to find help.
In addition, it may be difficult for us to be available for you on short notice, and there may be additional
charges. Many times, we have heard the appropriate saying - "better to choose euthanasia one day early,
rather than one moment too late." If you are having trouble with making this decision, please feel free to
contact us for help via a
telephone consultation or home visit evaluation. We are here to help!
(510) 381-3389