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Appointment Types
(510) 381-3389
Hospice/Palliative Care Consultation
This initial meeting at your home includes the following and generally takes about 1-3 hours:

  • Meet your pet and family – Opportunity for all of us to get acquainted in a relaxed, calm environment, where
    everyone is most comfortable.
  • Goals of Care – we will discuss your goals/desires for your pet’s care, as well as any concerns that you
    might have regarding your unique family situation, spiritual/world view, etc.
  • Pet Evaluation – we will evaluate your pet’s current condition, and discuss any appropriate treatments or
    modifications that might make your pet more comfortable in the time remaining.
  • Quality of Life – Discuss and evaluate your pet’s current quality of life, issues impacting that, how things
    might change over time, and how to address those changes.
  • Euthanasia Planning – discussion of how and when to make the choice to elect euthanasia, procedures
    used, any modifications or special requests, body care options and concerns, as well as any other
    preparations that might be important for you.
  • Natural Death – if you are exploring this possibility for your pet, we can discuss the various pros/cons,
    concerns, signs and symptoms, as well as what to expect with this process.
  • Priority scheduling access if/when the time for euthanasia arrives.

Please note that if at the time of this meeting, you decide that you would like to proceed directly to euthanasia, there
would be additional charges (which we would discuss before proceeding).
Single Visit for Euthanasia
If your preference is simply for in home euthanasia, we can provide that, instead. This includes the following and
generally takes about 30-60 minutes:

  • sedative prior to the euthanasia solution. This process can happen almost anywhere in or around your  In-
    Home Euthanasia – gentle, unhurried, peaceful euthanasia of your pet, including administration of a 's' and
    s lives is welcome to be present.
  • Respect and support for all your wishes regarding ceremony, spiritual practices, or other concerns.
  • Arrange for Body Care – if you would like help caring for your pet, we can arrange for Private Cremation or
    Group Care through Pets at Peace. We will transport your pet for that service after you have had some time
    to say goodbye. (Please note, for large pets, we may need help transporting your pet to our vehicle
  • Memorial Objects – if you would like, we can make a clay paw print, and/or collect a clipping of hair or other
    objects to help you remember your pet.
Telephone Consultation
In order to provide the best possible care for your pet, ideally we should try to arrange an in home visit where we
can examine your pet and discuss all of the important issues you are facing. However, we know that this may not
always be possible.
If you would like general information on topics concerning how to make a decision regarding euthanasia, how to
recognize if your pet is in pain, options that are available for aftercare, etc., please see our
FAQ page. However, if
you would like to discuss your pet's unique circumstances (e.g. disease condition, symptoms, etc.) and get specific
advice, then a telephone consultation may be appropriate. Telephone consults are typically about 30 minutes and
can provide you with advice on topics such as:

  •        How to evaluate quality of life in your pet
  •        Specific things to look for in your pet to help know when it is time
  •        Options for pain control
  •        Dealing with a paralyzed pet
  •        Discussing care surrounding achieving a "natural" death
  •        Ongoing medication management
  •        Palliative and Hospice care considerations

Please be aware that we generally cannot prescribe any medication based only on a telephone consult. However,
we may be able to work with you and your regular veterinarian to find medications that may be effective at helping
your pet.