What is Euthanasia?
Euthanasia means peaceful death and is sometimes referred to as "putting an animal to sleep" or
"putting an animal down". It is the process of using a drug or combination of drugs to induce death to
alleviate suffering. Legally, euthanasia can only be performed by a licensed veterinarian.

What should I expect from an in home euthanasia visit?
Outlined below are some things to expect from a home visit euthanasia. We are very sensitive to and
supportive of varying traditional, cultural, spiritual, and emotional needs. So, if you have anything special
that you would like to do or have happen surrounding the procedure, just let us know so that we can
schedule our visit with you appropriately. If you have any other questions, special desires, or need any
help whatsoever, please do not hesitate to ask.

Before I Arrive
You may wish to prepare payment, so that you don't need to worry about that at the time of the
appointment. Consider silencing your phone (though please maintain the ability for us to contact you prior
to our arrival). Plan to have other family members and pets in the house say goodbye if they will not be
present. If you have arranged to have a friend or other family members be with you, it is a good idea to
keep them informed of what is going on so they can be prepared to help you and be with you in these final
moments. If there is a disagreement among family members regarding any aspect of the procedure,
please try to resolve this ahead of time, as pets can sense discord and it may make them uncomfortable
during this time.

Since the medications used may sometimes make your pet nauseated, it is best if you don't give a large
amount of food within a few hours of the appointment, but a small special treat is perfectly alright. If
possible, it may also be helpful to take your pet for a bathroom break within 1-2 hours of the appointment.

Find a quiet place where you and your pet will feel most comfortable for the procedure. You may choose a
favorite room, a special place in the house, or even somewhere quiet outdoors. Feel free to play some
special music and/or surround your pet with favorite photos, poems, artwork, etc. If you have a cat or small
dog, the procedure can often be done with your pet in your lap. Essentially, any place that is comfortable
for you and your pet is fine, as long as there is enough light for me to see. If possible, provide a towel,
sheet, or blanket beneath the pet that will be comfortable, but ok to be soiled during the process (once a
pet has passed, they no longer have the ability to control their bladder or bowels and voiding may occur).

Reassure your pet that they will be all right and let them know that you love them. Some people find it best
to explain to them what is going on - that they will be given a shot so they can have an easy transition to
end their pain and suffering. Some like to tell their pets that they have done a good job in this life and that
their friends will be waiting to welcome them home. Other people like to have some sort of farewell
ceremony. Whatever you choose to do, please know that it's OK and perfectly normal to be upset, cry, or
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