A variety of options are available for the care of your pet's body after the euthanasia

1) Making your own arrangements
You may make your own arrangements with a pet cemetery, crematorium, or your regular
veterinarian. However, please be aware that in many areas there are ordinances which
prohibit burying animals, even on your own property. If you do elect to make your own
arrangements, just let us know, and no further questions will be asked.

2) Rainbow Bridge Assistance
If you choose one of the following aftercare options, we can handle all of the necessary
transfers of the body to the appropriate facility. We will also ensure that your pet is
identified properly and handled with dignity and respect at all times. Prices for these
options vary depending upon the service selected and size of the pet. Please check our
Pricing page or call/e-mail for a more specific estimate.

-Private Cremation
Private Cremation is the most popular choice for aftercare and is usually carried out  
through our partner, Pets at Peace in San Ramon. With this option, your pet is cremated
individually at a licensed crematorium and the cremains (ashes) are ready for pick up in
1-2 weeks. Cremains will be returned in a beautiful, cedar urn with his/her name on an
engraved acrylic plaque. Pets at Peace uses a specially designed
tracking system for
identifying and tracking your pet. You can be assured that only your pet’s cremains are
returned to you. Price includes pet transfer to the crematory,
standard urn, cremation
certificate, and pick up in San Ramon. A wide variety of specialty urns, other memorial
products, and shipping of cremains are available for an additional fee (arranged directly
Pets at Peace).

Group (Communal) Cremation
If you are looking for a less expensive option, your pet can be cremated along with other
pets. The cremains are not returned to you, but are transported and spread in a non-
public area of the beautiful Sierra mountains.
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Aftercare Options
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In addition to any of the above, if you would like an additional remembrance of your
pet, we also offer a clay impression of one of your pet's paw prints. These clay
prints may be decorated in a variety of ways and air dry firmly to form a permanent
reminder of your dear departed friend.
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