How is euthanasia at home different than at a veterinary hospital?
What is most different about euthanasia in the home is the relaxed setting for a very private and intimate
time in your lives together. Euthanasia at home allows your pet to be in the comfort of its usual
surroundings without the distractions of unusual sights, sounds, or smells. It avoids the sometimes
stressful car ride and provides a more secure feeling for everyone involved. You can be free to express
whatever emotions you are feeling without having to worry about others.

Being at home also allows us to employ drugs specially suited to the needs of your pet in his or her own
environment. In general, we use combinations of drugs to provide sedation first, followed by the
euthanasia solution which stops the heart and breathing in a pain-free manner. We also use very little or
no restraint and provide adequate time for each phase of the process.

You may choose to be present at all times or to excuse yourself at any time you wish. You should feel free
to include anyone who you or your pet wishes to have present. Children can be included in any way that
seems appropriate for their age and maturity, subject ultimately to your judgment. We recommend that
other pets in the family be given the option to join us, so long as they are not overly energetic. Animals
frequently grieve for their lost companions and recognizing that the spirit of their friend is no longer in that
body seems to help them begin their grieving process
Anthony J. Smith, DVM
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