What about other pets in the home?
Every pet is unique, and what is best for the other pets in your home will depend on your individual
situation. In general, it is not a problem if you would like to have the other pets in the household be
present during the euthanasia procedure, so long as they are relatively well behaved.

Some people prefer to have the other pets kept in another room or outside during the procedure.
Regardless of whether the other pets are present during the procedure or not, it is usually best to let
them have the opportunity to view, smell, and say goodbye to their friend once the pet has passed on.
This allows the other animals to know what has happened and avoids the problem of them searching for
the lost pet.

While most animals quickly recognize their friend's passing and continue on with their lives, some
animals do appear to go through a "grieving" process of their own. Fortunately, this is usually relatively
short-lived. However, most animals are much better at "living in the moment" than we as humans are,
and recover quickly from the loss of a housemate.

Whatever you decide to do, just let us know and we will support you and your other pets however we can.
Feel free to call or e-mail if you have additional questions or wish to discuss the specifics of your
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