While we hope that you will use our services, we recognize that there may occasionally be times when
we are not available as quickly as your pet might need. So, the following is a list of some other
veterinarians in the San Francisco Bay Area that provide in home euthanasia services.
For veterinarians outside the San Francisco Bay Area, please check out the
In Home Pet Euthanasia

East Bay
Dr. Ray Asta: 925-932-5666
Dr. David Bennett: 510-758-7921 (Also does general veterinary care)
Dr. Lori Carpenter:  925-580-6383
(Primarily Livermore area)
Dr. Susan Chew: 510-725-5206 (cats only)
Dr. Shea Cox: 510-779-2744
Dr. David Grant: 510-499-9204
Dr. Bettina Herter: 925-708-8207
Dr. Tiffany Ma: 510-995-0738
Dr. Brent Martin:  925-745-2676
Dr. Cheryl Ramos: 925-939-7387
Dr. Anne Reed:  510-557-0640 (Holistic Veterinarian)
Dr. Vanessa Wensing: 925-218-8282
Dr. Tracy Williams: 925-735-7387 (
Also does general veterinary care)

Solano/Napa Area
Dr. Kimberly Schmidt: 707-535-9979
Dr. Sybil Murray:  707-435-1512

North Bay
Dr. Kenneth Bacon: 415-479-2287
Dr. Stanley Goldfarb: 415-456-4463
Dr. Debra Scheenstra: 415-893-1554
Dr. Ken Steele: 415-451-4838

San Francisco/Peninsula
Dr. Jenn Winnick: 650-316-5069
Dr. Julio Bolivar: 650-873-5817
Dr. Jennings: 650-298-8508
Dr. Calvin Lum: 415-931-7384
Dr. Jennifer Martin: 650-522-9838

South Bay
Dr. Carolyn Araiza: 408-569-9070
Dr. Laura Richards-Simmons:  408-847-1122

(Please note that this information is provided for your convenience only, and inclusion on this page does
not necessarily constitute an endorsement of these providers.)
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