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Client Testimonials
Some of the Other Nice Things People Say About Us...
Dr. Smith, you gave Navarro and his mom and I such comfort in coming to our home and granting Navarro
the final dignity of being able to pass at home.  Navarro took a liking to you right away which was not always
the case with men for some reason.  Somehow I think Navarro knew you were there to help him.  You let us
know what to expect from each step of the way.  You gave us all the time we needed before beginning and
between each step of the procedure. You allowed us all the time we needed to make this difficult decision a
little more bearable and we will be forever grateful for your coming into our lives.
I thank you for the kindness you showed to all of us.  We also thank you for this service that you provide
which is a godsend for every family that you help in this way. I hope you can feel the love that I am sure each
and every family feels for you for coming into our homes and helping our loved ones with their final passing
over the rainbow or to the Rainbow Bridge.
Thank you again for kindness and compassion you showed us all.
-Greg, Pat and Navarro Roberts, Fremont, CA

Dr. Smith shared one of the darkest days of my life, the day my beloved Golden Retriever died. Cancer
claimed his body and his decline was rapid. Within a week he went from being a happy, active dog to being
extremely ill with no quality of life. My husband and I thought we  were giving Bear the ultimate and final gift by
asking for help in his transition from this life to the next. But Bear  gave us a final gift. When Dr. Smith knelt
on the floor beside him, Bear,  who had been unable to move, raised his head and shoulders and leaned
forward to  greet this person that he knew had come to help him. There was a tangible connection between
Bear and Dr. Smith. Bear's acknowledgement and appreciation of the help being offered affirmed our
decision and made the end of  his life easier for us. Dr. Smith was both professional and very caring  with
our dog and with us. Our tears and final words of farewell were not  only accepted but encouraged. It was
clear he could help our dog and that he understood the love between human and pet and the grief that
suffering and death brings. I have been honored  to share his name with others who face this difficult time in
life, and my story has led friends around the country to  look for similar veterinary care in their areas. In the
devastating experience of losing my best friend, Dr. Smith was truly a gift.
-Rev. Dawn Boyd, Pittsburg, CA

We recently had to euthanize our sweet, ancient cat. Since she was afraid of going to the vet office, and we
didn't want that to be her last experience, we called a wonderful vet, Dr. Anthony J. Smith, and asked him to
come to our home instead. A.J. was wonderful -- he set exactly the right tone for a situation that was really
difficult. Before the visit he sent us an email detailing what we could expect from each step of the process.
On the day, he arrived when he said he would, and he was wonderfully kind and gentle with our cat, and with
us. A week or so later, he sent us a ''condolence'' email.  can't say enough good things about A.J. and his
calm, empathetic care. He made a horrible situation as good as it could possibly be.
-P. Nagai, Berkeley, CA

I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate what you did for us- not the least of which was coming with
such short notice. Your compassion and kindness are so apparent that I am sure that Chala was able to
experience them - for which I will be eternally grateful to you. I don't think anyone else could have helped her
in the way that you did with the respect and love that you showed. What a gift you have - I think you have truly
found your calling. You fulfilled all of my wants and hopes for helping Chala and me at our most difficult time.
I will be forever thankful and grateful to you.
-L. Allen-Byrd, Redwood City, CA

Our vet gave us Dr. Smith's name, and from our first phone conversation, I felt immediate connection and
trust. When he came to the house, his presence was immediately accepted by both dogs, and we people
felt safe as well. Of course Windy's passing was hard for us, but I know that being at home was by far the
easiest for her. Being in my own home, I felt completely free to begin my grieving in my own way, without
having to keep up a front for other people at the vet's office. When I've helped friends to the Bridge in the past,
I've felt a disconnect between their lives and their deaths. Dr. Smith made it possible for all of Windy's life to
be continuous and complete within the home we shared.
-D.P., Alameda, CA

Rainbow Bridge Vet Services provides stellar, loving, supportive and compassionate services. Dr. Anthony
Smith is a very special individual. Not only is he an excellent doctor, he has a special calling and lives in his
truth. The times he assisted me were difficult, he helped reassure me that I made the right compassionate
decision, and my pets will always live in my heart. My loving pets felt at ease right away with him. I know in
my heart, that my loving pets much rather appreciated being in their familiar loving home for Dr. Smith's
compassionate transition care. I am forever grateful for his kindness, expertise, compassion, and gentle
-J Lucenti, Lafayette, CA

We had such a terrific experience with your end-of-life services for our beautiful cat Zooey. "Terrific" might not
be the first word to come to mind, but you made us feel so much better about a truly traumatic day that I use
it deliberately. It was particularly helpful that you responded so quickly and kindly to our call for assistance.
Once we had been informed that we needed to let Zooey go, we knew that we should do it as soon as
possible, and you made that possible in the most sympathetic way. Your preliminary information was
thorough and gentle & with just the right amount of straightforward business.. We still miss Zooey very
much, but are happy that we were able, with your help, to provide her with such a dignified and peaceful
departure. Again, thank you for what you do. You must have a very stable soul yourself, to be able to do this
so generously and gently.
-K. Sibley, Richmond, CA

Your service was very helpful and comforting to us during one of the most difficult times we have ever
experienced. Watching our treasured pet come to the end of his life was incredibly tender and heartbreaking
for us, and yet when the time came, we were so grateful that there was someone like you available to come
right to our home and help ease "Kitty" out of this life and into the next. Without having to move him from his
home to the pet hospital, where he would have been frightened. This way, he got to leave this earth in the
place he loved best, witht the two people who loved him most at his side, and with you gently assisting his
passage. Thanks again for your service.
-S.G. and E.O., Alameda, CA

Euthanasia for my pet companions has always been a difficult decision for me. When my precious
Sharpei/Husky, Tarah, was diagnosed with melanoma in September, 2005, I knew I would be faced with this
decision once again. It was through Tarah's vet that I was referred to Dr. Anthony Smith and new ways to
assist Tarah's transition from this world. Dr. Smith kindly explained the process in detail. Tarah would be
able to remain at home. There would be no trip to the vet's office, something that always stressed her out. I
will always be grateful to Dr. Smith for giving us the gift of a housecall over an office visit. Tarah chose her
spot outside in her backyard, in the sun, under her favorite tree and one of the most gorgeous days in
January 2006. Through his compassion and kindnes, Tarah's passing is a treasured memory.
-Mary Jo Barrera, Castro Valley, CA

Thank you for helping me with the most heart wrenching task of letting Jazz go to "Spirit". Being able to be
with Jazz in our home was much better than having to travel to a vet's office and to let him go so
impersonally. I appreciate your gentleness with Jazz and the ease in which you assisted Jazz in leaving the
physical world. I miss him terribly but feel better knowing that when he left he was cuddled up to me like he
always loved to do.I appreciate you providing this service which is so needed.
-Nancy Michelli, Hercules, CA
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